Carbon Filters and Columns

Cactus Carbon has designed and manufactured Carbon Columns for such companies as SAB Miller in South Africa, Sable Chemicals in Zimbabwe, Kasese Cobalt Mining Company in Uganda, Dynatec in Madagascar, Cadbury in Swaziland and Rand Water.

For your activated carbon filter/column requirements we are able to:

  • Analyse your system to determine the correct operating parameters for removal or recovery of materials by adsorption.
  • Design the required system, including determining the number of filters/columns and the required flowscheme, bearing in mind that the units may operate in parallel, series or a combination of both.
  • Prepare detailed mechanical designs of the units and fabricate accordingly, taking into account pressure, temperature and any special corrosion requirements.
  • Supply supplementary equipment such piping, pumps, instrumentation and control systems.
  • Supply the required activated carbon media.
  • Arrange for site installation.
  • Carry out commissioning as required.
  • Reactivate carbon as needed to reduce cost and minimise waste.

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