Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filtration has many uses, among these -  potable water purification, waste water purification, air purification, odour removal, taste and colour removal, extraction of particular materials from solution and separation of organics from industrial solutions. 

Carbon Filter processCarbon Filter Requirements

For your activated carbon filter or carbon column requirements we are able to:

  • Analyse your system to determine the correct operating parameters for removal or recovery of materials by adsorption
  • Design the required system, including determining the number of filters/columns and the required flowscheme, bearing in mind that the units may operate in parallel, series or a combination of both.
  • Prepare detailed mechanical designs of the units and fabricate accordingly, taking into account pressure, temperature and any special corrosion requirements.
  • Supply supplementary equipment such piping, pumps, instrumentation and control systems.
  • Supply the required activated carbon media.
  • Arrange for site installation.
  • Carry out commissioning as required.

Cactus Carbon also supplies reactivated carbon.

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