Reactivation of Granular Activated Carbon

Cactus Carbon offers an activated carbon reactivation service to industry at our facility in Springs, Gauteng.  This has been in operation on a continuous basis since 1991 and is our contribution to sustainability and the green economy.

Our furnaces reactivate the carbon using a high-temperature pyrolysis process in the presence of steam, known as “thermal reactivation”.   This process destroys organic material adsorbed onto the carbon, and it restores the essential pore structure so that the carbon can be re-used.  This provides the user with the following benefits:

·         Reactivation and recycling of activated carbon lowers the CO2 footprint (carbon footprint) when compared to the production and transport of new carbon

·         Reactivation offers minimisation of waste because the waste disposal of activated carbon is largely eliminated. Both disposal costs and long term liabilities are thereby avoided 

·         Carbon Reactivation offers a substantial cost saving compared with new activated carbon

·         Reactivation contributes to the sustainability of the user’s operation

The availability of this service means that users of granular activated carbon can send their carbon to Cactus Carbon for reactivation once its activity is exhausted and the carbon is therefore “spent”.  Both the spent carbon and the reactivated carbon will be analysed  and a reactivation report will be sent with each batch.

An important aspect of the service is that each customer’s activated carbon is totally segregated from all others, and there is therefore no risk of cross-contamination. 

Please note that when referring to activated carbon, “reactivation” is distinct from “regeneration”.  The latter is a process which can sometimes be used “in situ” whereby certain volatile organic are removed from activated carbon by means of steam distillation.

Benefits of carbon reactivation:

 Cost Savings

The cost of having carbon reactivated is considerably less than the cost of new carbon.

 Minimisation of Waste

Spent carbon containing organic contaminants is required to be disposed of at a recognised waste processing facility.  Reactivation makes this unnecessary.

We provide this recycling service to a number of major users, including municipal water utilities and industrial users of activated carbon.
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